Microblading is a semi permanent hand tattoo on the brow bone that creates a 3D effect. It gives the illusion that a person has fuller hair than beforehand, or that they’ve grown hair where they had none. It refines the brows, giving them an updated and attractive but very natural appearance.

It must be understood, that microblading is a process. Most client require two sessions to achieve optimal results. The first is the primary and is the most extensive and most costly. The second is the touch up. We have broken our cost apart because we would prefer to honor our clients with the ability to be rewarded with referral discounts to help alleviate the cost of the touch up, versus have a higher initial cost for both procedures initially. Our price breakdown has become the best way for our clients to manage the cost and gives them the opportunity to earn rewards for future services.

Microblading does wonders for the brows, in that it can transform almost any type of brow into something improved and attractive. We are well versed in every type of situation: no brows, some brows, light brows, strange brows, patchy brows, pretty brows that need an upgrade, multi-colored brows and masculine, as well as female brows can all be handled under one roof.

We are capable of pigmenting clients that have had terrible results elsewhere: bad tattoos, results, and  vacant results. We specialize in difficult situations. We are well equipped to handle oily skin and anemic skin. However, it must be understood that your aim should be improvement, not perfection and in difficult cases, you may require more than one touch up.

We are masters in the arena of brows. Please review our many before and afters. We also offer training in this field. Our classes will be posted as they come up. However, our microblading sessions are private and will be handled on a one on one basis. We do not allow other parties with our clients and ask they come alone, as it is best to keep our focus and attention on our client solely as we work on their face and give them the best service possible.